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Badminton Champs

Break your own record!

English National BADMINTON Championships


There are a lot of competitions held here on a regular basis. You are invited to participate in them and hone your badminton skills.


You can always look up to us for the details of the badminton events that take place on a regular basis. We have a list of all the events that take place at different locations near you.


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These days we never get to see people who can offer quality coaching and train you the right way for your badminton games. That is when we, a small group of badminton lovers, decided to launch a centre that will offer every kind of service related to badminton. We are happy that people have given us such a warm welcome.


Less than 100 tickets left for Sunday’s finals – only available in person from the Velodrome.

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Train Better, Faster, Stronger

For some time, people have been asking me why it is important to train well. I am asked how to create mass, how to lose weight, how to optimize performance. Anyway, everyone wants to know how to succeed.

What is bothering me in all of this is that all of them are looking for a miracle solution, something that works for sure, a miracle recipe or I do not know what miracle protocol. You have to understand that there is no miracle protocol, product and Miracle Machine and even less miracle exercise. Even if you use a cincinnati personal trainer you still need to do the work, they won’t do it for you.

Whether it is to lose weight, gain mass or optimize its performance, what will make you succeed is an amalgam of many factors. If there was a miracle product, everyone would be in great shape with a nice little beach shape. But is that the case? I don’t think so.

So here are the factors you need to master so that your workout program is effective. Many programs are effective! The problem is that the vast majority of people who make them do not quite understand how to do them.

Understand what muscles are involved in exercising

A workout is not to do several exercises but to solicit different groups of muscles. This may seem obvious, but the majority of people who train are going to the gym to do exercises without much understanding of what they are working on.

Exercises are simply a way to work for different muscle groups to be able to achieve your goals. Understand what you are doing, and you will know if you work well. Ask your coach what muscles are supposed to work when performing the movement. If you feel the right muscles work, you will know if you are running well the movement and therefore will not need your trainer to tell you if you are doing well the exercise every time.

Compound Exercises?

People believe that to work the arms it is necessary to do exercises that only solicit the arms. How many of my clients have asked me why their workout program did not have arm exercises, while it contained them, but within exercises that would require several muscle groups at a time. The exercises that allow working the back make work of the biceps, forearms, shoulders, rotator cuff, and even the triceps long head.

Also, the exercises of thrust to work the pectorals also work the triceps, the shoulders, the rotator cuff, the Coraco-brachial and I pass. In contrast, the insulation exercises make you waste your time because they only work the arm and that’s it.

In short, when you work in multi-articular (more than one joint in motion-elbow/shoulder or hip/knee), You get a lot more muscles, which means greater energy expenditure and also more muscular stress. It also means more results in less time. Rather than doing 12 exercises inside your workout, you’ll make it 6 to 9 by having your whole body work.

So here’s how you should see your workout and the exercises that will be part of it:

  • Variants of Squat
  • Variants of Deadlift
  • Vertical thrusts
  • Horizontal thrusts
  • Vertical Tirades
  • Tirades Horizontal

Do you overestimate yourself rather than underestimate yourself

This is a phrase that I constantly repeat to my clients, and they can testify. Nine times out of ten they underestimate themselves in training. What is it that can change well? Well, by underestimating yourself, you’re lowering all the potential for weight loss and mass gain you have in you.

If you understand which muscles are supposed to force, overestimate the load you would have taken. If you have given everything, and I insist on that, and the load is too heavy, you will know that it was too heavy and you will know what your real driving load is. If you don’t do that, you won’t know if it’s your real workout load. You may think it’s your max since the muscle was burning a lot and the movement was slowing down, but was it your max? As long as you don’t overestimate yourself, you won’t know. Try it, and you’ll see!

Rules Of Badminton


Badminton is not an easy game as far as rules are concerned. You need to have proper knowledge of the rules before playing the game. And if you want to advance further in the game, they are a must. So here are some of the basic rules of badminton one need to know.


Every sport starts with a toss, and so does badminton. A coin is flipped, and someone calls for it. If the person wins the toss, he/she has options of choosing a side or serving first. The opponent has to choose between the remaining option, and this is how the game starts.

Scoring system

Scoring is essential in badminton as it decides who wins and who loses. For women singles, men’s singles and doubles there are best of 3 games. In doubles and men’s the first one to reach 21 points win while in women’s singles the first to reach 15 points win. If the score is tied at 20 or 14 in case of women’s singles than the first one who wins the two consecutive game wins the set. The person who wins the set serves first in the next game.

Change of ends

When a set ends, both players need to change their sides, but if the game goes until the third set that whenever the scoreboard reads 11 points than the ends are changed by the players. A similar change of ends in women’s singles is seen at the end of 8 points.


Serving and receiving

When you win a point, and your scoreboard reads an even number, then you have to serve from the right-hand side of the court. Similarly, if your scoreboard reads an odd number of points, then you need to serve from the left-hand side of your end. A service is changed whenever a serving player loses the point. Earlier in such scenario, only the service was changed now along with the service points are also giving to the person who won that rally.

Rules for doubles

For doubles, there is bit change in the rules as far serving is concerned. When a player serves, then it can only be received by the player who is in the diagonally opposite direction to him. If the other player touches the shuttle in between then, it is called as foul, and the serving team is given the points. Also, whenever the side wins a point and is asked to serve, then he/she should serve from the right-hand side of their court.

Position on the court

Once the service is returned by the player in the diagonally opposite direction, then either of the players in the team can change their position. Also, after service, either of the players can hit the shuttle, and the other team can do the same. This can repeat until the shuttle is in play.

Badminton Basics For Beginners


Badminton in India has come a long way. As it is an individual sport, it gives you a lot of chances to showcase the talent. A person’s true potential can be being seen in this game. Comparing to its earlier days badminton has come a long way. The technology it uses and the amount of analysis that has been going around make you wonder what can be the best way to improve. Basics! One thing that is a sure shot in any game is basics, and how much the technology increases in a game if your basics are good you can go a long way. And that is why in this article we have decided to introduce you to some of the basics of the game that you can learn at the beginner’s level and improve your game while you can!

Gripping technique

This is the most important part of the game. How well you can grip hold your racket decides a lot of factors in the game. Initially learn how to hold your racket and use a proper forehand and backhand grip. If this is not done properly, then the shots will not be executed especially the ones that are hit towards the opponent’s baseline.


Stance is another important aspect of the game. A good and proper stance will help you defend and attack quickly. It will help you with the transitions in the game. There are three stances you need to prepare yourself for: net stance, defensive stance, and offensive stance.


Good footwork will help you in the good movements so that you can reach the shots more easily and quickly. This will provide you that one or two second of edge and will help you in making better decisions. If this is not done correctly, then the shots won’t be executed properly.



Badminton always starts with a serve. And that is why good service is essential in badminton. If your server is not good, it will be very hard for you to recover from it in a rally. There are techniques which you can learn to serve better. There are two types of service you can: short service and long service.

Other than these things there are things that you should definitely avoid to improve your game.

Expensive equipment

Badminton is a skill and mind game. Even if you play it without the fancy equipment, you can improve your game. Instead of wasting the money on equipment focus more on learning the technique. Although, equipment is an important part of badminton a lower hand racket will suffice for the beginners.

Trick shots and style

Keep the game as simple as possible. Learn to play it more efficiently. This will ensure that you improve the game regularly. After you have learned it enough, try and go for these shots and tricks.

Three for Cann as Clark & Kellogg retain their title

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Elizabeth Cann claimed her third National title in four years as she beat Tracey Hallam in straight games in the ladies’ final at the Velodrome.

Cann raced out to a big lead in the first game, and although Hallam closed the gap a comeback never really looked on. Cann led 6/2 in the second, but this time Hallam quickly caught back up, and took the lead at the interval.

From there it was neck and neck until 19-all, Cann usually the one to take a brief lead. The last rally, with Cann leading 20-19, was momentous, with Cann getting the better of it to retain her title.

Earlier Jonathan Clark and Donna Kellogg had retained their mixed doubles title with a comprehensive win over Robin Middleton and Liza Smith – both aim for another title later today.

Ouseph takes his first,
two for Kellogg & Clark …

Rajiv Ouseph denied Aamir Ghaffar his third title as the top seed took the men’s final in three games. Ouseph took the first but some determined play from Ghaffar and careless errors from Ouseph saw the score levelled.

Ouseph came out firing in the third though, reaching the interval at 11/1, and that proved too big a hill for Ghaffar to climb as Ouseph took his first senior National title.

In the women’s doubles Donna Kellogg and Tracey Hallam held a good lead in the first game but let it slip, losing it 22/24. The next two games were equally competitive but seconds Natalie Munt and Jo Nicholas couldn’t repeat the feat in the next two games as the scratch pairing took the title.

Anthony Clark also completed his second Nationals double in a row as he took the men’s doubles in straight games with partner Nathan Robertson. Their young opponents led in the early stages of both games but the experienced pairing soon pulled back and eased ahead to take both games with reasonable ease.

Ouseph spoils Ghaffar’s triple bid


Aamir Ghaffar also saw his hopes of a third title spoilt when he was beaten by the top-seeded Rajiv Ouseph, his fellow Middlesex player who credits him with having helped his career.

Ouseph’s 21-15, 12-21, 21-11 victory was a triumph over his own self-doubt as well as an opponent who is beginning to making another surge after letting slip some of the fitness which has earned him some notable scalps.

His play contained some sudden wristy smashes as well as the deft strokes and touches which have usually characterized his play. It gave a more potent quality to his game, though there more many phases when Ghaffar was able to wrest the attacking initiative from him with fierce, flat mid-court jabs and whips and eye-catching jump smashes.

One of them pulled a three-point deficit back to 15-16 in the first game, but Ouseph accelerated away to take it with the help of two good smashes and two forecourt kills.

That tipped the odds significantly the way of Ouseph, given the doubts about Ghaffar’s capacity to go the distance, but the former champion nevertheless dominated a second game which contained one rally of such dramatic swings between defence and attack at 13-9 that a slightly somnolent audience burst into spontaneous applause.

But the start of the third saw Ghaffar go off the boil, and by the time he was 0-6 and 1-11 down his hopes had been effectively flattened. Ouseph, confidence rising again, was now playing his best badminton, and the most Ghaffar could offer was to fight bravely till the end.

“I’m very pleased because I was a little bit nervous going into it,” admitted the 21-year-old winner. “It was good to play Aamir who has helped me my whole career and I hope we can be in a winning England team in the Thomas Cup (later this month)”.

The fifth-seeded Ghaffar appeared to feel that in the circumstances he had done well. “It was a tough day,” he said. “I am getting fitter slowly and slowly.

“People thought I could not last three sets so hopefully I have dispelled that idea. I thought he would be tired but he came out fast.”

Clark takes another two


Meanwhile Kellogg and Anthony Clark both won titles for the second successive year. Kellogg had earlier won the mixed with her fellow former world silver medalist by overcoming Robin Middleton and Liza Smith 21-19, 21-7.

“Good shot”, Clark kept saying to Kellogg, who looks even more slender than she was and whose footwork and mobility appear to have improved with it. She was a constant menacing threat at the net.

Later Clark won the men’s doubles with Nathan Robertson, who looked so relaxed much of the time that one wondered if he would have enough adrenaline to carry him through it.

In fact they were rarely challenged, even though Chris Langridge and Robin Eisestedt had some good moments in the second game of a 21-11, 21-12 defeat, and looked a likely combo for the future.

Robertson and Clark had just too many variations in attack and it was easy to see how they beat the then world champions en route to the European silver medal four years ago. More than eight years ago Robertson won a world silver medal at this discipline.

So would Robertson and Clark re-form their partnership more permanently? Would they try again together after the Beijing Olympics?

“This is a partnership for the weekend,” said Robertson firmly. “And it’s done all right this weekend. “We agreed to play together a while back as we are both concentrating on mixed doubles for the Olympics. So I was the most relaxed I have been for about ten years.”

So relaxed in fact that he enjoyed his own outrageous slip of the tongue. Did it help having two such good mixed doubles pairs spurring each other on before the Olympics, he was asked, a routine suggestion with which he was in the process of agreeing.

“We need as good players as possible, and Anthony and Gail – I mean Anthony and Donna, I don’t know what Anthony and Gail are doing,” he interposed. “They are fantastic,” he concluded, managing in the process to end the tournament with laughter.

Cann takes three as Hallam hints at future


Commonwealth champion Tracey Hallam dropped an even bigger hint that she may relinquish thoughts of retirement at the Beijing Olympics after a day of mixed fortunes at the English national championships in which she failed to regain the women’s singles title but became an unexpected winner of the women’s doubles.

Hallam, the top seed and twice the former winner, lost 21-15, 21-19 to Elizabeth Cann, the defending champion, before going on to partner Donna Kellogg, the European doubles champion, to a 22-24, 21-13, 21-14 win over the second-seeded Joanne Nicholas and Natalie Munt.

“It eases the pain from earlier in the day,” said Hallam, after her doubles success. “So I’m definitely pleased. I’m disappointed that Gail isn’t here, but I hope she is back to full fitness to be with us for the Uber Cup,” she added, referring to fact that she only took part as a last moment substitute for Emms, the other half of the European women’s doubles winning partnership.

“I have played doubles before, but never to this level, but hopefully this could be the start of my future,” Hallam concluded, making ears prick.

It seemed an ominous remark for a 32-year-old, even for one who had some uncertain moments in the opening game in the final and had never partnered Kellogg before.

But Hallam has skill in abundance, and probably the makings of another high quality partner for Kellogg, who may need a permanent replacement for Emms if she retires after Beijing.

“It’s brilliant for me that Tracey stepped in at the last moment,” reckoned Kellogg, who was arguably the outstanding player of the tournament. “Otherwise I would not have this title. She played brilliantly with me and I have to thank her for that. “

Hallam did not entirely agree. “I think Donna carried me through a bit today,” she said. “It was a fantastic opportunity to play with Donna – she’s a world class player. Maybe I can be in the future.”

However Hallam’s chances of two titles in one tournament and three national singles titles in total disappeared when she was beaten by Cann, a result which confirmed that recently the Middlesex-based Jersey player has improved to something like world top 20 standard.

Cann often had to work extremely hard to do it, covering the court with great speed when Hallam knocked the shuttle about skifully, and playing many of the most important points with a recently-found confidence.

That is partly the result not only of improved results, but of greater fitness from a long summer training sessions. “I knew I was in fine shape,” she said.

Never was it more evident than on the match point, when Hallam made Cann scuttle six times to distant parts, via flicks to the back corners and slices to the front, and at the seventh attempt the cumulative pressure of the shuttle constantly returning pressured Hallam into pushing it wide.

But there had been moments when it seemed the top seed’s shot-making skills might prevail. Hallam came back superbly from 4-12 down to 12-14 and then 14-16, at which stage the contest had reached a pivotal moment.

Cann responded by moving very fast and lunging very deep for a low lift from the net on the next rally, getting it back far enough to bring a reverse slice drop into the net from Hallam.

Cann closed out that game soon afterwards, and discovered that the second game had a different character – closer all the way, the advantage hanging on every point.

She was also able to make some beautifully accurate pushes to the net and many pressurizing punch clears, even though it was usually Hallam who was the more creative player.

Hallam also got ahead at 10-9 and 13-12 but because she couldn’t shake Cann off, found the pressure growing on her. This was evidenced in two or three exasperated winces from the Commonwealth champion as she made mistakes, though the match remained at a high standard till the end.

Cann did not seemed surprised to have secured her third title. “I knew it wouldn’t be easy,” she said. “But I didn’t feel pressure, because I knew she’s a good player and that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to lose to her, though at the same time I would have been disappointed if had not won.”