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4 Injury Prevention Tips When Playing Badminton

Badminton is a physical exercise. There is a high probability to get injured while playing the sport. Sprained ankle, back pain, tennis elbow and torn ligaments are among the common injuries that badminton players suffer.

If you are a badminton player, you must take special precautions for such physical injuries. Keep in mind that the more intense playing that you do, the higher are the chances that you get hurt. Here are 4 quick tips to help avoid injuries while playing the sport:

Warm Up / Warm Down & Do Stretching

There’s a reason why professional badminton players spend 30 minutes before and after each game warming up and cooling down. This helps lessen the chances of getting injury both during and after every game.

Skipping both these important steps could cause strain on your muscles which can lead to serious injuries. Stretching during warm-up and cooling down after the game not only prevents muscle shivering but also increases your performance in every single game.

Be not too eager to play again when you reach the playing area/court. Spend a few minutes to warm your body and to feel ready to do some strenuous actions. It will help you to be more attentive and more flexible on the playing field.

It is also important that you stick with every badminton technique that you’ve learned. If you use the wrong techniques, you will be working not only bad, but you can hurt yourself!

Apply The Right Techniques

Your less dominant arm (the one that doesn’t handle the racket) plays an important role in maintaining body balance in the game. Therefore, it is important that you remember this arm as it helps to compensate for the weight of your racket arm.

If you do a Badminton jump smash without the use of your less dominant arm for balance, there is a high probability that you injure the muscles around your waist and thus cause back injuries.

In the same way, an incorrect badminton stroke may also cause muscle strains, as it tries to exert the wrong amount of strength.

Use The Right Gear

A nice pair of badminton shoes is important. Badminton shoes are specifically designed to absorb shocks and jolts while providing comfort on your feet.

The way the Badminton game is played is harmful to the kneecap. You need to get shoes that are good shock absorbers, to prevent injury to your knee and the bones on your shin.

Don’t Play For Too Long

An excess of anything is not good. This also applies to Badminton.

If you’re spending a very long time playing badminton, your Shin / your kneecap your and your ankle may get injured in every continuous forward thrust that you do to get the shuttle.

A forward charge is harmful to your dominant leg because it must absorb the momentum from every lunge motion. Therefore, wearing the proper badminton shoes help to reduce the impact.

Want more badminton tips? We’ve got a bunch of informative blogs to help you get a good grip of your favorite sport! Have you experienced being injured in a game? Share to us your experience in the comments section below.

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