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Clark takes another two

Meanwhile Kellogg and Anthony Clark both won titles for the second successive year. Kellogg had earlier won the mixed with her fellow former world silver medalist by overcoming Robin Middleton and Liza Smith 21-19, 21-7.

“Good shot”, Clark kept saying to Kellogg, who looks even more slender than she was and whose footwork and mobility appear to have improved with it. She was a constant menacing threat at the net.

Later Clark won the men’s doubles with Nathan Robertson, who looked so relaxed much of the time that one wondered if he would have enough adrenaline to carry him through it.

In fact they were rarely challenged, even though Chris Langridge and Robin Eisestedt had some good moments in the second game of a 21-11, 21-12 defeat, and looked a likely combo for the future.

Robertson and Clark had just too many variations in attack and it was easy to see how they beat the then world champions en route to the European silver medal four years ago. More than eight years ago Robertson won a world silver medal at this discipline.

So would Robertson and Clark re-form their partnership more permanently? Would they try again together after the Beijing Olympics?

“This is a partnership for the weekend,” said Robertson firmly. “And it’s done all right this weekend. “We agreed to play together a while back as we are both concentrating on mixed doubles for the Olympics. So I was the most relaxed I have been for about ten years.”

So relaxed in fact that he enjoyed his own outrageous slip of the tongue. Did it help having two such good mixed doubles pairs spurring each other on before the Olympics, he was asked, a routine suggestion with which he was in the process of agreeing.

“We need as good players as possible, and Anthony and Gail – I mean Anthony and Donna, I don’t know what Anthony and Gail are doing,” he interposed. “They are fantastic,” he concluded, managing in the process to end the tournament with laughter.

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