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Golden Tips For Achieving An A-Game in Badminton

While it doesn’t look like it at first, badminton is a physically intense sport and requires players to have a strong core, fast-paced feet, and flexible shoulders to deliver lightning-fast strokes.

Badminton, however, is much more than that.

Even if you don’t have a super athletic body, you can improve your game by using these 7 quick tips:

1. Hit It While It’s High

Every time you hit the shuttle, try to hit it when it’s at its highest point in the flight. This way you can use the swing of the shuttlecock. You’ll also have more control on every shot that you make.

As the badminton goes down, it loses momentum and it becomes harder to shoot properly.

2. Put Effort in Practicing Your Footwork

To play badminton effectively, the agility of your feet must be first class. To practice this, constantly shuffle your feet while you wait for your opponent to bring the badminton back to you. This will keep you warmed up and ready to change the position, depending on where the badminton lands.

Don’t be lazy and stay in one place for too long. And do not stretch too far to meet the birdie. Otherwise, it will be difficult to land an effective shot. Get in position while the badminton begins its descent. This will give you enough time to properly return the shuttle.

3. Use The Backhand Stroke

Most beginners and even many advanced players rarely train their backhand strokes. If this is the case for your opponent, you can use this to your advantage to get a few points. Try to direct most of your shots against the backhand, as this will cause you to play in a style that is not familiar with the other player

In general, you should study your opponent during the game to learn his weaknesses and take advantage of them. Try to measure whether your opponent is an aggressive or defensive player, whether he prefers to play backhand or prefer using forehand shots, and learn about other weaknesses, such as poor footwork. This will allow you to adjust your game accordingly.

4. Cut On Your Net Shots

This technique is a little more advanced, but with some practice, you will soon get the hang of it. When you cut off your shots on the net, the shuttlecock turns and spins, which makes it difficult to predict its direction.

To perform this technique, swing forward like a normal net shot and then move the racket inward and perpendicular to the shuttlecock.

You can also use the same technique to disassemble your drop shots. This causes the shuttlecock to fall very quickly on the opposing field.

Train and Practice!

These techniques are easy to do as soon as they are learned, but you have to practice them a few times to get the hang of it.

Bonus: Try to jump when you smash the shuttle, as this gives the shot more momentum and the birdie flies faster.

Try out all these techniques and you will certainly see improvements in your game.

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