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Badminton Basics For Beginners

Badminton in India has come a long way. As it is an individual sport, it gives you a lot of chances to showcase the talent. A person’s true potential can be being seen in this game. Comparing to its earlier days badminton has come a long way. The technology it uses and the amount of analysis that has been going around make you wonder what can be the best way to improve. Basics! One thing that is a sure shot in any game is basics, and how much the technology increases in a game if your basics are good you can go a long way. And that is why in this article we have decided to introduce you to some of the basics of the game that you can learn at the beginner’s level and improve your game while you can!

Gripping technique

This is the most important part of the game. How well you can grip hold your racket decides a lot of factors in the game. Initially learn how to hold your racket and use a proper forehand and backhand grip. If this is not done properly, then the shots will not be executed especially the ones that are hit towards the opponent’s baseline.


Stance is another important aspect of the game. A good and proper stance will help you defend and attack quickly. It will help you with the transitions in the game. There are three stances you need to prepare yourself for: net stance, defensive stance, and offensive stance.


Good footwork will help you in the good movements so that you can reach the shots more easily and quickly. This will provide you that one or two second of edge and will help you in making better decisions. If this is not done correctly, then the shots won’t be executed properly.



Badminton always starts with a serve. And that is why good service is essential in badminton. If your server is not good, it will be very hard for you to recover from it in a rally. There are techniques which you can learn to serve better. There are two types of service you can: short service and long service.

Other than these things there are things that you should definitely avoid to improve your game.

Expensive equipment

Badminton is a skill and mind game. Even if you play it without the fancy equipment, you can improve your game. Instead of wasting the money on equipment focus more on learning the technique. Although, equipment is an important part of badminton a lower hand racket will suffice for the beginners.

Trick shots and style

Keep the game as simple as possible. Learn to play it more efficiently. This will ensure that you improve the game regularly. After you have learned it enough, try and go for these shots and tricks.

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